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Ariel has responded to the questions I posted on Get Satisfaction concerning details of the export feature.

My questions :

1. Does the export save all your notes without replies included? Or does it save entire threads with replies?

2. Does the export save our private notes in full? No need to state those are probably most important. Especially since I found love on Pownce.

3. Does the export include anything I post up until the 15th or does it only go up to the date I requested the export and I'll lose everything after?

Her answers below :


Apologies for all the frustration. The exporter is now running and I hope to know soon approximately how long it may take to receive your data if you haven't already.

1. Entire threads with replies

2. There will be one export for your entire inbox with comments, and one with things that you've sent with comments. MT/WP import format will be saved as drafts, atom is Six Apart privacy rules, and Vox won't import any private data.

3. Date of the export will be on the export page and then you can regenerate it up until the 15th.

Again, apologies for the frustration, the exporter has been our absolute number one priority. We will ensure that no one loses their data - you can talk with us after the 15th if you run into any issues.

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