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I'm going to post this once more here, getting it on the front page of Pownce and I'll post it in the Get Satisfaction forum. Although just the name 'Get Satisfaction' serves as a joke.

I've been pretty sad about Pownce being shut down and I've been rather angry at merely being a stepping stone to the almighty dollar.

But as my questions concerning the details of the export go unanswered day by day and my lovely export is still not in my hands, I grow even more angry. Mainly because it's beginning to seem like the little button to request an export is for crap. That you announced something that wasn't working or wasn't ready yet.

I'm not feeling so well right now and going through every one of my private notes/important posts is like pulling out my hair one strand at a time. Something that might be avoided with a simple response. If you built the system, answering a question about what it does should be pretty fucking simple.

I guess the lack of response to all the inquiries indicates just how fucking little your loyal Powncers meant to you, and that in turn shows just how little you thought of Pownce itself. It was never your baby or something to be proud of . If it was, you wouldn't be ignoring simple questions.

Do I expect an answer? Hell no. To get one would be to break the code of non-communication that has been in place since day one. If I do get a helpful, honest answer, I might be able to stop the feeling of anger from outweighing the feeling of sadness.

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