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December 02 2008

Wait, wait, wait. You want to offer me a free account on Typepad.

Ok. BUT, only a PLUS level account? I paid for Pro on Pownce because I could customize my theme, but on Typepad at that level, I can't do that? You have to be Pro on Typepad to do that. Grr.

December 01 2008

Are we sure it's Dec 15th, Pownce? 404's / 500's, replies and posts disappearing. Might as well just shut it down today.
WTF?? Pownce shutting down on Dec 15th? Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out??

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OMG. I have to stop reading tumblr today.
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This guy is a real prize.
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So cute.
Haven't slept since the 2 hours I got Saturday morning.

I'm willing to pay now for someone to just come and knock me out.

*must bring your own bat.

November 30 2008


tenuislockscreen on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Finally able to take a screenshot of the lock screen again with firmware 2.2 by holding the home/sleep button. It's about time.

November 27 2008


At the Bottom on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Desktop Thursday | At the Bottom

November 25 2008


November 21 2008

Come on, Apple. Still no copy/paste in this update? WTF?

Definitely waiting for an updated Quick Pawn now. Grr.

November 20 2008

Human Bandwith (Here go the male egos)

1. The human cell contains 75 MB of genetic information
2. A sperm 37.5 MB.
3. In a milliliter, we have 100 million sperms.
On average, one ejaculation releases 2.25 ml in 5 seconds.
Using basic math we can compute the bandwidth of the human male penis as:
(37.5MB x 100M x 2.25)/5 = (37,500,000 bytes/sperm x 100,000,000 sperm/ml x 2.25 ml) / 5 seconds = 1,687,500,000,000,000 bytes/sec = 1,687.5 TerraBytes/sec

Found here : http://everythingrandom.net/post/60726443/human-bandwith

hot on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Desktop Thursday | Hot

Info in Flickr description.

November 19 2008

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The official first beta of Bowtie App ( http://www.bowtieapp.com/ ) has been released, along with the first theme pack, which includes 11 awesome themes.

Only 2 drawbacks I've found so far. Last.fm enabler won't stay ticked, so have to use the client or CoverSutra to still update Last.fm. And no menubar option, so the icon has to stay in the dock.
Does it make me evil if I wished for a second that the children from next door would freeze in place for the next five hours and also lose the ability to speak?

I absolutely detest parents that can't teach their kids some fucking manners. Not to mention the fact that they are throwing rocks at windows, etc. But they are screaming at the top of their fucking lungs while doing it.

Don't spit 'em out if you can't teach them some respect!!

November 18 2008


lomo on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

My favorite part of the Veer poster on my wall. Taken with the Nikon D40, amped up a little in Picnik.
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Finally a beta release of Bowtie App ( www.bowtieapp.com )

Available here : http://macthemes2.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=16789237&p=4
4195 4497
Girl moment here.

If you're looking for a super soft, comfy tank, this tank (from my answer of the QOTD by !blogkitten ) from Abercrombie is exactly what they say it is. I have a few other colors.

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